We came into existence in Cambodia market in 2014 ( 3 Years) .Granted the permission to have a media operation as an independent Event management, TV Production and Creative & Media agency, under the name “Master Concept (MC)” . As a professional media agency, we provide full media services and media solutions. we are able to provide the best rates to our clients. . Economical and effective use of your budget. . Focus on results, measurability and accountability. fair and expo. ABOUT US . To explore the world under one roof in the form of international trade and help for financial assistance to our beloved families of Cambodia. . As a citizen we understand the real pressure and pain to organize . With the biggest commitment volume with the media vendors,




To provide the business opportunity to all investors and all kinds of industries to stay in a rapid growth. - The golden plat form, to reach your target customers, to learn and study about your competitors, and explore your business partners.



Start With a Small Service

To undertake commercial intelligence and market research and create a comprehensive database of information for the improvement and development of trade in Cambodia market.



Setup Nationwide Employees

Being the one-stop solutions in a direct exposure for sellers and buyers clear-up doubts of creating demands and needs for all human beings development. .



Global Event Orgnized

Bringing the world to explore and get knowledge to Cambodian peoples by international trade fair and expo .